What’s your story?

You’ve got an amazing product or service that you want the world to know about, but simply telling people everything you do or produce is just not engaging.

Telling people why you do what you do, the challenges, the process, the passion and commitment that goes into it is far more engaging.

Storytelling is the most powerful technique for building human-to-human connections.

Let me help you tell your story.

At Media Magnet, I have been bringing people’s stories to life for many years.

I have interviewed hundreds of people and know how to get the best results from even the most camera-shy person.

And I know how to tell a story.  Effectively. Cheaply.

In fact, I can create a professional video for about $500 per finished minute. That includes the first consultation where you tell me what your focus is and we decide the best way to communicate that in a story; the brief where we agree on the content and style; the pre-production where we organise the shoot; the filming itself; editing to first cut; getting your approval; making changes; the final cut and delivery of the final product.

And I can help you put the video on your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook.

Contact me to talk about how your story can really get to people!